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Guest Post: Talking Blog Tours with Psst… Promotions and Let’s Talk Promotions

The Smut Report

Last year, Mud and I were asked by the lovely bloggers at the Smut Report if we could give an “inside view” of sorts on blog tours. Why are they important? What is the point of a blog tour?

While we hope we were able to give a few insightful answers, there was one we didn’t think we really answered below and that is that it’s a great way to introduce an author to a blogger. Authors are generally homebodies that just don’t see the glamour in the minutia of their work, writing one sentence twenty times “because it didn’t look right at first.” While authors are often readers that adore the authors of the books they love, they put this glass ceiling of their own making between them, separating themselves from the “real” authors.

Authors work hard on pieces that often start out as “side projects”—it takes time away…

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Published by echoshea

Echo Shea is an urban fantasy author. She can be found avoiding house work, guarding her chocolate, and penning her next read. Yes, more Gladys is coming, and yes, there will be a sequel to A Tinfoil Hat of My Own.

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