Jean Rabe: The Dead of Jerusalem Ridge

The cover of Jean Rabe's fourth Piper Blackwell mystery, The Dead of Jerusalem RidgeToday is a good day.

One of my favorite authors has a new book. You may know her; she’s been a guest on CrimeReaders twice before, and she never disappoints. Jean Rabe (pronounced RAY-bee) is a relative newcomer to the crime fiction community, but that doesn’t mean she’s new to writing. She’s been writing and editing fantasy novels and short stories since 1996 and was a USA Today bestselling fantasy author long before she turned her hand to mysteries.

She first dipped her toe into crime fiction with The Dead of Winter, the first in her Piper Blackwell series. Piper Blackwell is 23 years old and one less than an hour into her first day as a small-town sheriff when she finds stumbles across a grisly murder. Jean is conscientious about her research into the world of law enforcement, and it shows. Her forensics and tactics are accurate, and…

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Echo Shea is an urban fantasy author. She can be found avoiding house work, guarding her chocolate, and penning her next read. Yes, more Gladys is coming, and yes, there will be a sequel to A Tinfoil Hat of My Own.

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